Buy Super Vidalista Tablets | Generic Tadalafil with Dapoxetine

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Buy Super Vidalista Tablets | Generic Tadalafil with Dapoxetine

Super Vidalista is an amazing medicine most often intended for the management of erectile dysfunction or impotence and premature ejaculation in man. The use of this medicine enhances the duration of erection, penetration power and also enhances prolongs the ejaculation time. Therefore, by taking this medicine before intercourse a man becomes able to please his partner on the bed during intimacy session so that he brings backs his love and affection between couples. This medicine is composed of two active ingredients Tadalafil and Dapoxetine tablets, which works in a different manner. 

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Working action of Super Vidalista:

Super Vidalista(generic Tadalafil) comes in the family of PDE-5 inhibitor shows action by thwarting the deprivation of cGMP and enhancing the secretion of Nitric Oxide, which enhances the formation blood in the male genital area so that this enhances the duration of erection during intimacy time. Generic Dapoxetineshows action as reuptake inhibition of serotonin, which delays the ejaculatory time. This medicine is also called as a weekend pill as the effects of this medicine last for about 36 hours that helps the man in pleasing the partner successfully.

What are the contraindications of Super Vidalista?

  • Don’t consume the medicine in case you are allergic to any component including Tadalafil and Dapoxetine or any similar ingredients.
  • If you are suffering from any kind of medical disorder like cardiovascular disorder, severe renal or hepatic impairments, like hypotension, stroke, obesity, diabetes before using the medicine.
  • Inform the doctor in case you are using any kind of medicines like MAO inhibitors, anticonvulsant drugs, antibiotic, anti-coagulant drugs, azole anti-fungal drugs.

What is the dosing regimen of Super Vidalista?

To manage erection disorder the usually suggested dose of Super Vidalistais one tablet ahead of intercourse so take it orally with the help of ample amount of water and can be used with or without food. While using this medicine it is recommended to keep the gap of 36 hours between two dosages and consume only one tablet at a time as more than this can be harmful. Do not use more than an advised dose of this medicine as this may show harmful effects.

What are the possible side effects of Super Vidalista?

Common unwanted effects may likely to occur like chest pain, nausea, facial flushing, back pain, headache, swelling of legs or hands, ringing sound in the ear, and stomach upset.In case you face painful erection consult the doctor for treatment.

What are the precautions like Super Vidalista?
  • While using this medicine avoid taking nitrate products, fatty foods, herbal products, grapefruit juice as these may affect the action of this medicine.
  • The patient should not consume alcohol or any other sedative products as these may augment the side effects and avoid driving or operating any machinery until the effect of medicine lost.
  • Don’t use if you are less than 18 years and take by the consolation of doctor if you are more than 65 years. 

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