Buy Cenforce 150 mg Tablets Online | Generic Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

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Buy Cenforce 150 mg Tablets Online | Generic Sildenafil Citrate Tablets

Cenforce 150 mg helps in bringing back the lost sensual spark in intimacy because of erectile dysfunction (ED) or impotence condition in males. Failure in accomplishing and sustaining the sturdy erection for a successful and satisfying lovemaking happens due to insufficient blood flow towards penile organ. Hence, Cenforce works in boosting the blood run so that a man experiencing the problematic condition called ED will be able to satisfy his sensual desires with his partner. 

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The working mechanism of Cenforce 150 mg:

Cenforce 150 mg brand is used vastly among adult males facing ED issue and it is made from generic Sildenafil citrate, which is an inhibitor of the PDE-5 enzyme. Therefore, the working action of Cenforce involves the hindrance of the PDE-5 enzyme for the prevention of cGMP degradation. After sensual stimulation, a male body tends to release nitric oxide, which assists the increased level of cGMP for the widening of narrowed blood vessels around genitals. Consequently, the erectile organ will receive sufficient amount of blood flow that let it engorges and expand for the sensual deed during lovemaking.

Prescribing schedule of Cenforce 150 mg:

Cenforce 150 mg is an oral dose prescribed to be taken with water and regardless of the food at about an hour prior to the intended sensual engagement with the partner. The drug will possess its action within 30 minutes of oral consumption and last its action for the period of next 4-5hours.Hence, the repetition of the dose is never suggested in the same day else, overdose can result in priapism (painful or prolonged erection). Because of long-time action, an interval of 24hours is advised between two doses of Cenforce.

Adverse effects of Cenforce 150 mg:

Few transient adverse effects are observed with the use of Cenforce that includes dizziness, headache, nausea, hazy vision, back pain, nasal congestion, facial flushing, heartburn, or muscle pain. Thus, if you notice exaggeration of any side effects, then contact the physician immediately.

Contraindicatory conditions for the use of Cenforce 150 mg:
  • It is contradictory to take Cenforce 150 mg when facing any health issue of kidney, heart, genitals, liver, or blood-related.
  • Any men should not take Cenforce unless he is facing ED and his age should be above to 18years and below to 65years.
  • Cenforce 150 mg consumption is contradictory during an allergic response to any constituent of this brand.
  • Taking any nitrate medication with the use of Cenforce may result in sudden hypotension that can be risky to you. Hence, avoid taking nitrate with PDE-5 inhibitor drugs.
Preventive measures for the use of Cenforce 150 mg:
  • Take precaution with the use of alcohol and the habit of smoking when taking Cenforce 150 mg because of the risk of exacerbation of adverse effects of the medicine.
  • If you drink grapefruit juices and consume a high fatty meal with the use of Cenforce 150 mg, then these will reduce the absorption of the medicine making it less responsive. Hence, you should avoid the use of these with Cenforce.

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