Birth Control

Getting pregnant and having children is what every woman desire but it is her ultimate decision when to have children in her life. Unwanted pregnancy is one the most dreaded fears come alive for a woman and thus she wants a birth control method that she can depend upon while being sensually active. Therefore, a large number of women all around the globe rely on contraceptives to prevent unplanned pregnancy. There are a wide plethora of contraceptives available in the market. A woman therefore, is in a constant search for contraceptives that are hassle free, economical, and safe to use. Hence, the search for a perfect contraceptive for a woman ends at birth control pills, which are not only economical, safe but quite easy to use as well.

Birth control pills are the best method for 'family planning' as they are easily available and can be used at your home's comfort. Birth control pills let you have the freedom of choosing when to start your family and have kids. Birth control pills basically comprise of two female hormones namely estrogen and progesterone. Birth control pills act by preventing the ovulation process in women, thereby making the ovum unavailable for fusion with the sperm. Some of the widely used birth control pills available at our pharmacy are Yasmin, Mircette, Ovral-L, Ovral-G, Yaz, Dronis, Dianette, and Femilion. Certain emergency birth control pills are also available such as I-pill, Plan-B, Plan-B 2 step and unwanted 72 that ought to be taken under 72 hours of having unprotected sensual intercourse and prevents undesired pregnancy.